Car Insurance Premiums get boost – Beware as you may pay without it being your fault!

November 26th, 2019

Car insurance companies in the UK are increasing premiums even when the claiming driver is not at fault. Coming as a surprise, these price hikes are made by companies like Esure, More Than, Rias, Admiral and AXA. More Than has increased premiums by a whopping 33% followed by Esure (17%), AXA (14%) and Admiral (11%). With so much increase in premiums, car insurance has become a costly affair.

The companies are asking premiums from drivers even when they were not at fault. So, if you meet up with a crash then you would pay higher premiums to your insurer. This does not go well with the policyholders and only five out of 1,281 drivers in the UK could understand or agree with these new norms. So, if your insurer has to pay for your car crash then you will have to suffer from a higher premium.

Esure made a premium hike of 15% even when the policyholder declared a scratch and made no claims. And if the repairs were covered by other driver’s insurer then also four out of twelve insurers were found to increase their premiums. Now, this does not mean you can hide things from your insurer but you should be aware of the implications. According to law, you have to answer all questions from the insurer else there is a risk of your policy getting invalidated.

This proves that car drivers have to drive with more caution and prevent any chances of accident. Else, they have to shell out money to pay higher premiums. So, guys be aware, drive slow, be safe and alert!

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