Car Insurance Premiums Is Falling Says Free Price

December 13th, 2019

With all the bad news in the newspapers about how energy bills are increasing due to greedy energy companies, Free Price Compare, your popular Car Insurance Comparison site, helping you to get better deals, are happy to announce that insurance premiums are falling.

The average car insurance premium has fallen by around £90 in the past 12 months which is great news for car owners worried about high renewable car insurance premiums. The price reduction has resulted in a crackdown on fraudulent whiplash claims, claims that have helped solicitors make a fortune out of false claims while increasing insurance premiums.

Free Price Compare who have seen a huge rise in the number of people using their comparison site for a better car insurance deal, have warned motorist that they should not let their policy get automatically renewed as this could be costing them money when they could get a better deal elsewhere.

A spokesman for Free Price Compare said: “For people who have a car insurance policy coming up for renewal, they should at least one month before start shopping around for a better deal. Most insurance companies will not give you a good deal for staying with them, while other insurance companies who are looking for your business, can offer you a discount.”

Ministers have been for some time calling on a crack down on false claims and now it seems it is working. Although ministers are pleased that the number of false claims have fallen, they are concerned that this could change with high living cost and people struggling to pay bills, turning to false claims to get money in their pocket.

If you have a policy that is coming up for renewal and you have never considered comparing insurance companies to see if you could get a better deal, then have a look and compare all the insurance companies in one place and see how much money you can save.

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