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Car Insurance Options For Learner Drivers

December 13th, 2019

Whilst learning to drive can be fun, it is also expensive. So on top of paying for a instructor do you also need to pay for learner driver insurance?

It’s common knowledge that car insurance for young drivers is often very expensive, in some cases it costs more than the value of the car. Statically speaking, chances of an accident by a young driver are much more likely than an accident by an experienced driver and hence, an elevated premium is applied due to the risk associated to that demographic. So, you can imagine that obtaining car insurance before you have passed is likely to be even more expensive.

Do I need Learner driver insurance?

If you are getting your lessons from a professional driving school, then you will not require additional insurance as the price you are charged is inclusive of car insurance and fuel.

However the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) does recommend learners to practise for around 20 hours and get professional lessons for 47 hours to pass the test. Any practise done with your own vehicle, and not part of a driving school will require you to get insurance.

But, in such instances, perhaps the relative or whoever is assisting can add you as a named driver to their insurance policy. The premiums will most likely increase and if an accident occurs than the no-claims discount could be lost. It’s also likely that as a named driver you wouldn’t be entitled to accrue no claims discount.

What cover is provided for learner drivers?

A learner driver policy typically gives you comprehensive coverage to drive other people car. With this flexibility you will be able to improve your skills whenever and wherever you desire. However, the person taking you in the car must be over the age of 25 years and must have held their license for 3 years minimum.

In some instances, the insurer will give you a discount on a standard policy if you stick with them after passing your driving test. To see all the possible car insurance options available, you can do a quick comparison with freepricecompare.com.

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