Business Gas and Electricity Meters

December 11th, 2019

Most of the UK businesses have no idea about what type of the Electricity meter installed at the business premises as they are never looked at it.

It is very important to have right electricity meter for your business as if you have wrong meter than your bills are always going to higher than what typical business owner should pay. (will explain below why?)

Different kinds of bussiness electricity meters

There are 12 different types of business electricity meters for UK businesses

  • Standard (SC + one rate).
  • Economy 7 (SC + two rate).
  • Evening and weekend (SC + two rates).
  • Evening, weekend and night (SC + three rates).
  • Maximum demand (SC + one rate).
  • Maximum demand (SC + two rates).
  • Seasonal time of day (SC + STOD).
  • Half hourly (varies).
  • Off-peak (SC + one rate).
  • Catering (varies).
  • Three-phase (3 business electricity meters with one rate + SC).
  • Restricted hours (varies).

Our London based business energy team have lots of experience and knowledge of the different types of business electricity and gas meters and can explain which meter is beat for your business.

Once we can find you suitable business electricity meter, we will help you to find best business electricity tariffs to reduce your bills.

If you currently have a domestic (non business) electricity meter we can help you find suitable business meter.

Business electricity meters are available as a smart meter. (please read more about smart meters on our smart meter Blog).

The different kinds of bussiness gas meter

With business electricity, there are lots of different types of meters. With business gas, there is only one type of standard meter but these are maintained (serviced) in different ways.

Most of these metres installed by Transo (industry database) and many of them serviced by independent gas transporters (known as IGTs). New built developments mostly installed by IGTs as they are cheaper to start with.

If you have IGT meter than you are most like to pay more for you gas as supplier needs to pay a fee for pipes and maintenance to the IGT. Also limited supplier options while comparing business gas prices as not all supplier support IGT meters.

Only British gas for business and Opus energy can support IGT meter which clearly restricts businesses to compare against whole market and business gas tariffs.

Why you neeed to take regular meter readings

We advise businesses to take regular meter reading in order to receive accurate bills. If business don’t provide meter readings than supplier will send out estimated bills which are normally higher than your accurate bills and affects your monthly budget / cash flow.


Its only takes 2 to 3 minutes to submit you meter readings.

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