Broadband Costs On A Rise With Giants Like Virgin Media, BT and Sky Announcing Price Hikes

October 22nd, 2019

Broadband has become a basic necessity for every household and price rise in this sector would leave many baffled. Around one third of UK citizens choose to work from home through their internet service and higher internet charges may not be the best news for them. However, the fact is, giant telecom providers like Virgin Media, BT and Sky are expected to raise their prices. Some of them have already announced price hikes which would be in effect from March or April this year.

Statistics suggest that providers are charging 50% more for their services than what they used to in 2011 but most of us are suffering due to the lack of information about the telecom schemes. For example, there has been little price rise as far as the in-contract telecom services are concerned. Precisely, in-contract prices have increased by £1.12 for copper broadband and 54p for fibre while there is a 38% hike in copper and 19% for fibre as far as the out-contract deals are concerned.

This makes it clear that by being in contract, you would be facing little changes in your bills. So, make sure that you either renew your contract or switch the provider to get the cheapest broadband deal. The providers have their own reasons to change prices and you may not be able to do much about it. It is a fact that Virgin Media customers are paying 29% and Sky customers are paying 42% more than they used to in 2011.

The only thing that the customer can do is use their right of walking out of the contract if the provider raises prices in the middle of the contract. For this, you would not be charged a single penny as per Ofcom rules. Now, the next step is how to save yourself from shelling money on broadband services and quit on your pricey supplier without incurring any damage.

How to save yourself from rising broadband prices?

You need to keep an eye on your bills and the contract expiry date. Otherwise, you would be paying around £100 more for out-of-contract charges.

Normally, the contract period is 12 to 18 months long and in case, you have not switched or renewed the contract then you are considered as an out-of-contract customer who needs to pay higher charges.

If your contract is about to terminate then it’s time to either renew it or change to a cheaper deal or switch to another provider. In case, you are in the middle of the contract, you can switch without paying any exit fees as per the rules given by Ofcom. This is only applicable if your current provider does not notify you about the price rise within 30 days of announcing the hike.

Making a switch would be the best alternative as you can leverage the discounts on introductory deals and save on the exit fees. Therefore, just compare the broadband providers in your area and make a switch.

To conclude, you do not need to worry about the broadband price rise as you can switch to a cheaper supplier within minutes. Moreover, you are not liable to pay cancellation charges if the provider did not inform you. If you find it difficult to compare broadband providers than FreePriceCompare can be your best aid. We compare all UK broadband providers and suggest the cheapest deals.

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