Breaking Away From The 2015 Car Insurance Premium Hike

December 10th, 2019

Car insurance costs are expected to rise by £35 in 2015, compared to January 2015, we look to see how that cost can be limited.

At the foremost, insurance buyers should shop around as soon as their policy comes to an end. Over a recent period however, insurance premiums have in fact fallen but as stated by Grant Mitchell from co-op insurance, “premiums will rise again in 2015 and less experienced motorists are likely to feel any premium increases”.

Moreover, telematics/black box devices can help inexperienced/ young drivers to get more affordable car insurance as the device is used to monitor the driver’s habits. Specialist providers such as Drive Like a Girl, Insurethebox and Coverbox provide the black box option but only 2% of motorists actually use this service. Nonetheless, the service continues to grow in popularity especially as main stream insurers such as the AA and The Co-op insurance have now started to provide the service.

Furthermore, it is also good to check if the current car insurance cover actually gives you what you require. For example, you may not require a courtesy car or European vehicle recovery or breakdown cover. Is some cases, your travel insurance may already have the European vehicle recovery benefit and/or maybe your AA/RAC membership has breakdown cover already.

Another option at your disposal is the ability to adjust the level of voluntary excess, ultimately, the higher the voluntary excess the less the premium is likely to be as you will have to pay a higher amount towards any claims/accidents.

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Reiterating on the point from above, to get the best results from your car insurance comparison, be sure to fill out all parts of the insurance application form and organise your results by “cheapest” first – sometimes all the insurance options are not reflected on the same page but by organising them in terms of cheapest, you will be able to see it more clearly.

Moreover, when you have attained the car insurance quote that is right for you, you may be entitled to cash back with services such as Quidco and Top Cashback – it really is worth a look.

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