Black Boxes Could Cause Cancellation of your Car Insurance Policy

November 26th, 2019

Vehicles are used to analyse with a black box approach, which considers the stimulus and response of the system. Young drivers in the UK are using vehicles fitted with black boxes to monitor good or bad driving. Insurance providers also rely on these digital systems to keep a tab on their customer’s driving methods.

As far as cars are concerned, Black boxes in them use GPS to gauge the driving methods of the person behind the wheels and are considered as the most reliable source to gauge the driver’s calibre. However, a report by the BBC’s Watchdog programme suggested that this is not the always the case and black boxes can actually fail to estimate the driving skills.

Car insurance providers who were a part of the investigation acknowledged the error but still showed confidence in their black box policies. Talking about the role of black boxes in insurance, it is found that these devices scrutinize every action of the motor vehicle and send a score to the insurer. If the score is good then the insurer would lower down the premium and if it’s bad then it may even increase the premium to adjust for the risk.

Motorists who are speeding, accelerating, rough driving or braking short would be considered bad drivers by the black box and this may cause a stir in the premiums or even get the policy cancelled. This is especially bitter when it was observed that in some incidences that the results have been suspicious and not necessarily correct.

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