Big Six suppliers looting loyal customers, churning £7.3billion extra in the last five years

October 10th, 2019

This is not news anymore as the energy companies and even government has made claims about how the Big Six suppliers does not offer the best benefits to their customers. Apart from increasing their tariffs by a considerable margin, they are also showing the least concern towards households which have chosen their services for years. These loyal customers have not shown any trends of making a switch to cheaper gas and electricity provider.

This is the biggest worry of the government as well as the energy regulator Ofgem, which has proved time and again that loyal customers deserve better treatment from the Big Six energy suppliers. They are not offered any perks or discounts on energy bills, instead they are switched to standard variable tariffs which are way higher than the cheap energy deals offered by the Big Six companies. In some cases they are not informed about the end of their cheap energy tariff and directly switched to standard tariffs, which are typically 30% more expensive than other deals.

Moreover, the latest buzz is that loyal energy customers are charged more than the new customers. This move by the Big Six to offer cheaper energy quotes to the new customers show their motive to increase their customer base. However, it should not be at the cost of their old customers which have stuck with them for years. They should also be given due consideration to ensure they get their dues for being loyal to the so called energy companies in power.

Well, this does not go down well with the energy experts and they are vocal about their disappointment with the Big Six gas and electricity suppliers. If statistics are to be believed, then the Big Six have actually earned an extra £7.3billion in last five years. This means that an average household has paid £852.75 extra during this time period. Ofgem has been raising concerns for long time but nothing is stopping the Big Six energy suppliers from budging.

Speaking on the matter, Shay Ramani, founder of energy price comparison site FreePriceCompare, suggests that the only way to break away from paying the unreasonable energy prices is to switch gas and electricity supplier. According to him, “there are numerous small and medium energy suppliers that offer cheaper energy deals than the Big Six. British households need to find them and make a switch. That’s all it takes to save hundreds of pounds, which prove heavy if you live on a budget. Companies like FreePriceCompare are ready to offer quick energy price comparison and customers can easily make the switch.”

Therefore, customers need to be aware about better alternatives of energy supplies. They need to figure out cheaper gas and electricity providers. According to Mr. Ramani, “times are changing as more and more customers are ready to switch energy supplier. Millions are making the energy switch to cheaper suppliers every year.” He reiterated that the customers have to make the first move to ensure cheaper energy bills.

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