Big Six Energy Supplier E.On Ventures Into UK Solar Energy Market; Expect Cheap Energy Deals

November 26th, 2019

After announcing price hikes for gas and electricity, the Big Six energy supplier E.ON has taken baby steps into the solar and storage market. The company boasts of a new consumer focussed offering in which it would install solar and storage systems for its own customers as well as the non-E.On energy customers, which believe in green energy sources.

The E.ON said that by using its solar and storage systems, the UK energy customers will save 30% (around £300) on their electricity bills. In addition, the storage systems are capable enough to save up to £560 each year for EDF’s own customers. This would be an ideal deal for people looking for cheaper energy deals. Those who are concerned about the environment can also leverage E.On’s offer to save the environment through cheap energy deals.

The E.ON has already launched its systems in Germany and Sweden. It plans to expand it across the UK in 2017. The company’s website suggests that customers need to pay £4,495 for solar installations while a combo of solar and storage installation would cost them something around £7,495. UK energy customers can also buy battery storage retrofits at a cost that starts from £4,495.

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The highlight of the systems is that they can be accessed and controlled by a phone app. By getting the details of system’s generation and consumption, the company makes it easy to keep a tab on the energy usage.

Overall, as E.On is a reliable UK energy supplier with deep roots in the energy market, the customers will never go through a down phase in the system operations. In addition, it will not collapse like smaller energy suppliers and so, can be trusted as a long term service provider.

The E.ON which seldom offers cheap energy deals has now come up with solar systems that would have a 25 year warranty while battery storage components will have a 10 year warranty attached. They also plan to offer a performance guarantee in some systems where the company would compensate for the difference between the promised and actual generation. Overall, the UK energy supplier is highly confident in its new venture.

Gavin Stokes, the firm’s head of commercial solutions shared his views by saying that “We want to be at the heart of a new energy world that will be more decentralised, more interconnected, lower in carbon and offer our customers smarter, sustainable solutions that support their individual energy needs. E.ON Solar and Storage demonstrates our continued commitment to achieving this ambition; it will help put power directly into consumers’ hands, helping them save energy and money.”

To conclude, it would not be an exaggeration to say that energy giant E.On is spreading its wings in all energy sectors. By venturing into solar and storage systems, they are anticipated to offer cheaper energy deals to its current and future customers. Nonetheless, UK energy customers would soon start getting low-cost energy deals through the solar and storage systems from the UK energy giant.

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