Beware! Young Drivers, Lying About Your Car Insurance Can Cost You The Policy

December 10th, 2019

It has been discovered that young drivers are often found violating the law which leads to accidents and other emergencies on the roads. Apart from their speeding habits, they also cheat on their insurance policy which is an illegal act. In some instances, they do not reveal the complete truth about their driving history or accidents which may result in invalidation of their policy. However, according to RAC insurance the young drivers often choose fronting to reduce their car insurance premiums.

Fronting means that the policy is in the name of someone else as the main driver especially those who are elder and with clean driving history. Young drivers often take policies in the name of their parents who have a good licensing history. Moreover, nearly 50% of the drivers agree that they don’t mind fronting just to save their premiums. However, a considerable portion of them did not know that it was an illegal act.

It was also found that more number of men were ready to give in if they could save the premium costs. Out of 500 young drivers interviewed nearly 65% of men and 49% of women did not know that it was unlawful. Mark Godfrey, RAC Insurance director reacted on this finding by saying that “It’s worrying to see so many people – both young drivers and by association their parents – who are prepared knowingly to try to cheat the system to get cheaper insurance.”

Another key factor he brought forth was that men think that they had to pay higher premiums than women and so would take the policy in the name of their mother or wife. He summed this up by saying that “The fact our research shows more young males are aware of fronting may be because they think their insurance premiums will be higher than young women’s which, of course, is no longer the case since the EU ruling that gender cannot be used in determining premium prices.”

Well, one thing that should be made clear is that fronting is an unlawful practice and if your insurance provider catches you then your policy will get invalidated. You could even be taken to court and suffer from heavy fines and jail, in extreme cases. Therefore, it is better to keep away from such practices to save premiums. Instead, one can shop around and find providers that offer cheap car insurance for young drivers.

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