Beware! Samsung Note 7 Can Actually Get Your Home Insurance Invalidated

December 11th, 2019

You may have never thought about it but your mobile phone could be the cause behind the invalidation of your home insurance policy. It would be actually quite surprising but mobile phone giant Samsung could be the reason for it. Its Samsung Note 7 series of mobile phones is displaying bad performance and nearly 96 of these phones have caught fire due to overheating of batteries. Out of these 96, 13 phones actually caused injuries and burns while 47 of them damaged property, which has raised concerns amongst home insurers in the UK.

UK home insurance companies have taken a stand against this and have issued a declaration which says that if their customers are using these phones and suffer from any kind of damages due to their devices catching fire then there are chances that the insurers may not compensate for such losses. Insurance companies have come up to this decision followed by strings of incidence in which the popular Samsung Note 7 device caught fire.

Samsung claims that the net sales of its Note 7 phones in Europe were around 45,000 and most of them were sold in the UK. Although, the world’s largest smart phone maker has globally recalled 2.5 million Samsung devices in September and has offered replacement of devices, it actually scraped the entire thing after discovering that in some cases the newly replaced devices were also catching fire.

On October 10th, Samsung appealed that the Note 7 users should stop using the device, get the back up of their data and switch off the phone. The very next day it declared that the sales and production of the Note 7 phones was closed down on a permanent basis. Those who own the phone can get a full refund or get it exchanged for Samsung S7 or S7 edge along with the difference in price.

In response to this, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has issued a statement which says that “Customers should always follow product recall instructions issued by manufacturers. We would expect insurers to allow a reasonable amount of time for people to act but if an item is kept or used against a manufacturer’s advice and causes damage, there is a risk of insurance cover being invalidated. Anyone with questions should speak to their insurer.”

A word of caution was also declared by AXA Insurance which stated that “If the customer ignored the safety warnings that they had been made aware of, then that could be considered reckless behaviour and may affect the claim being paid. If a customer follows all the safety instructions issued by the manufacturer then we would pay any claims that may arise from the faulty good. We consider all claims on a case by case basis.”

Apart from the insurance industry, businesses like airline companies have also banned this particular model of Samsung phones in the wake of the fact that it may cause issues while in the air. This has certainly become a noteworthy issue, so anyone with a Samsung Note 7 phone should switch it off and contact Samsung for either a refund or an exchange. Do this to save yourself from abrupt damage and to protect your home insurance policy from invalidation.

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