The Best Standard Rate Electricity Tariffs

October 11th, 2019

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The best Standard rate electricity tariffs

Many of us what simplicity in life, standard electricity plan office that – it makes your bills easy to read, but comes at a price.

Standard electric tariffs

Most electricity providers will offer a standard rate tariff. The standard rate tariff is designed for people who work 9-5 and as a result is the most popular of tariffs.

The average standard rate tariff is significantly higher in cost the discounted or fixed rate deals. At, we ask customers to avoid standard rate tariffs, but to instead opt for discounted or fixed rate deals.

Standard rate tariffs, important things to look for

When comparing standard rate electricity tariffs, pay particular attention to the unit rates – which is measured in pence per kilowatt hour. Some standard rate tariffs will come with a standing charge others will not. The tariffs without a standing charge will be higher on a per unit price and usually suitable for those of low usage. Also, they will be tiered with your first 100-300 kwh charged at a much higher rate.

Suppliers will give discounts to you if you opt for a paperless billing system rather than receiving bills in the post. You also get for the discount should you opt pay by direct debit. These measures reduce their admin and complaints as a result they make savings cost.

you can also opt to go for duel fuel which will give you a big discount but be warned this may not always be the cheapest option as in some cases separating the two (one supplier for gas the other for electricity) could give a bigger savings.

Using our online calculator at will give you the ability to compare thousands of tariffs with customer reviews for each supplier making the option of choosing the supplier for your needs as easy as possible.

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