Best Energy Suppliers of 2016 – Review And Recommendations!

November 26th, 2019

Many of us spend little or no time thinking about our energy supplier. We shell out a lot of money by sticking to our old supplier. This practice results in spending extra money and harms the environment. Most of the customers do not know the actual energy scenario of the UK.

Some of the big names in the energy supplies arena get a lower ranking in customer service and satisfaction. According to a survey conducted by, some of the big names fare very low in the customer’s mind. The company surveyed 8902 people at the end of October 2015 and found a list of companies that ranked best in energy supply.

Find here, five of the top most recommended energy suppliers of 2016:

Ovo Energy: Founded in 2009, the Bristol based energy supplier has a customer base of 400,000 people. The company offers some of the cheapest electricity tariffs in the UK market. Its cheapest deal can cost you £973 a year. They say their secret to lower prices is that they keep a preying eye on the wholesale gas and electricity market and buy energy at the correct time.

Good Energy: Founded in 1999, the company buys and supplies 100% renewable electricity. Their more than 66,000 clients give a positive report for this company. The supplier with high rates of client satisfaction has a vision for climate change. They are not the cheapest energy supplier but offer competitive prices to their customers.

Ecotricity: This is Britain’s first green electricity company. Founded in 1996, the company also brought in green gas in the UK in the year 2010. It supplies 100% green electricity to more than 150000 customers. It is renowned for offering cheap gas and electricity and ranks high in customer service.

Ebico: The company is UK’s one and only nonprofit energy supplier. It has a policy of no standing charge so you pay just for what you have used. With 60000 satisfied customers, the company stands fourth in the race of best energy company. Famed for its fine customer care policy, the company has a record of answering all customer calls within 30 seconds.

The Utility Warehouse: The Company has a huge customer base of 770000. It supplies energy, home phones, mobile and broadband services. With practically no advertisement and exit fees, the company is famed for offering cheap energy deals to its clients.

This is an account of the top five energy suppliers in the UK. If you are paying huge energy bills then switching to any of these may help to get big savings. For this, you can compare your requirements, deals and total savings. will help you find the most suitable energy deal. Feel free to contact us for further details. You can call us on 0203 4757 476 or fill our contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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