Bangladesh Travel Guide

November 26th, 2019

Bangladesh lies north of the Bay of Bengal, sharing majority of its border with India and a small part towards the south east fringes with Myanmar. Touted as south Asia’s greenest place, this country has rivers, the Sundarbans, swamp safaris, hiking and many more adventures to look forward to.

Visiting Bangladesh

Bangladesh may in the past have been ignored as a travel destination, but with the impact of 500,000 Bangladeshi’s in the UK, the notion of Bangladesh as a holiday destination is starting to gain momentum with discerning travellers from other nations.

Bangladesh, once part of India and then known as East Pakistan in 1947, gained independence in 1971 to become Bangladesh.

Travellers booking flights to Bangladesh will discover a country with a rich language and history, and anyone who’s enjoyed Bengali cuisine will be in for a treat when they tuck into one of the many national dishes.

Why should you visit Bangladesh?

Dhaka is the capital city, and Sylhet is a major urban centre in Bangladesh. Sylhet is an important region with lush green hills, winding rivers and world famous tea plantations. Most Bangladeshis in Europe, North America and Middle East trace their roots to Sylhet. Interestingly, the majority of Indian restaurateurs in the UK are Sylhetis- local people of Sylhet.

Those seeking sandy beaches and golden coast line should book flights to Chittagong and visit Cox’s Bazar where you may be lucky enough to capture shots of whales and dolphins.

If you want to see wildlife on land then head to Sandarbans, the mangrove forest houses the rare Bengal tiger and the Indian rhino.

When is the best time to visit Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has a tropical climate with hot humid summers and mild winters. Avoid booking flights during March to October unless you can stand the humidity, heat and monsoon rain.

Best time to visit this place is from October to March. The temperatures are cooler and you may expect cold winters in January and February. Some late rains or drizzles may occur in October. However, this is the best time to visit the place.

Must visit tourist attractions in Bangladesh:

  • The Sundarbans
  • Kantanagar temple
  • Kaptai Lake
  • Natore Rajbari
  • Somapuri Vihara
  • Lowacherra National Park
  • Citadel
  • Shait Gumbad Mosque

How to reach Bangladesh from the UK?

Flights to Bangladesh can be easily booked.

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