Bahrain Travel Guide

November 26th, 2019


Bahrain is a small country made up of thirty three islands situated in the Persian Gulf off the Coast of Saudi Arabia. It has a thriving economy based on oil, pearl trade and finance – Bahrain is becoming a place which could rival Dubai with its mix of sights, history and shopping options. The country is visited by at least four million visitors in a year.

Why should you visit Bahrain?

The island nation has been described as a beautiful introduction to the Gulf and often termed as the home to the Garden of Eden. Its unique ambience, castles, museums, traditional buildings, cosy weather, local culture yet modern facilities like water sports, Formula 1 Grand Prix and more, makes this place a true attraction for the tourists. It is also an ultimate shopping destination with minimal travel restrictions.

When is the best time to visit Bahrain?

The time between October and March is when the climate of Bahrain remains cool and comfortable. If you are an adventure freak and love car racing then April is the time for you as it’s the time for Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain. Also, you can enjoy Heritage festival and traditional dancing during this time.

The place faces extreme heat during May to September so it’s best to avoid any visits at this time. In a nut shell, autumn and the winter seasons are best for a visit to Bahrain.

How to reach Bahrain from the UK?

al-fatih-mosqueDirect flights to Bahrain are operated by British Airways and the national carrier Gulf Air. A cheaper flight alternative would be to consider indirect flights to Bahrain from airlines such as Emirates, KLM, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa.

The capital city of Bahrain is Manama. It’s a city where old meets new, with traditional souks (best described as a shopping arcade) being adjacent to the most modern shopping malls. Those interested in the countries past, cultures and tradition should pay a visit to Bahrain National Museum also located in Manama. The main archaeological site is Qala’at al-Bahrain, built in the 16th Century by the Portuguese and recently restored.

Must visit tourist attractions in Bahrain:

  • Bahrain national museum
  • Bahrain Fort
  • A’Ali burial mounds
  • Bahrain national theatre
  • Tree of Life
  • Oil Museum
  • Beit Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa
  • Al Fatih Mosque
  • Riffa Fort

The place is modern in terms of monetary dealings. You will find ATMs and credit card transactions acceptable at all places. For local commutation, you have bus, car, motorcycle and other local transport systems.

You need a visa to visit Bahrain. These are available for people of 66 nationalities. One can apply for e-visa from the site There is restriction for certain professions and so it’s better to check the eligibility of visa from this site. Failure to follow visa rules will result in a strict fine.

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