Autumn Energy Saving Devices – Must Haves in autumn

October 10th, 2019

We put a lot of effort to save energy bills. Starting from draught proofing homes to buying smart thermostats, we do it all to get a smaller number on that energy bill. Another step towards this ever going mission is to use energy saving devices in your homes. These devices reduce energy wastage and result in proper utilisation of the energy available in the homes. They are one time investments that yield long term returns. Find here, some of these devices that would minimise your energy bills.

Devices that cut down your energy bills:

Automatic Radiator Bleeder:

These are needed to keep your radiator up and running in colder months. Due to the accumulation of air, radiators take a long time to heat up the space. These valves are easy to install and keep the radiator air free. They reduce corrosion and system noise plus improve the efficiency of your heating system. They give a leak free life to your room.


These valves are available at a price range of between £10 and £21. So, just a little investment that makes you free from the messy job of bleeding radiators every now and then.

Eco Flap:

The letter box is one of the best reasons for heat leakage. The leaflets and flyers that are tucked in the letter box space create that space for air to enter. This small vent is enough to give us a freezing home. Eco Flap is the best alternative to the brushes, seals and flaps in a letter box. It allows passage of A4 size thick newspapers and magazines.

Made of robust material, this letter box closes from the inside and does not allow air to enter the room. It costs around £20 – £25 and demands little or no maintenance. This unnoticeable device can reduce leakage of heat and prevent entry of cold air and thus reducing heating bills. Therefore, if you don’t have it in your home then, do get it as soon as possible.

Radiator Foil:

Heat dissipated by the radiator gets absorbed by the wall behind it. To reduce this heat absorption, it is advised to put a radiator foil behind the device so that the heat is thrown back to the radiator. This will keep the heat in the room intact and reduce heating bills.


It costs anything between £15 and £20. However, it may vary with the size of the radiator. The bigger the foil the more you would save on the heating bills. So, invest in it this autumn and save yourself a big amount on energy costs.


This device helps you charge your phones, tablets, laptops and gaming devices without using electricity. Yes! You can use sun’s rays to charge the internal battery of this device. The long lasting battery has the capacity to charge mobile phones for 44 hours, gaming devices for 2.5 hours and is also efficient in charging other gadgets.


You need to invest anything from £15 and £50. It would save a lot on electricity bills especially when you want to charge multiple gadgets. So, this autumn, buy yourself a Freeloader and cut down on your electricity bills.

Home energy monitor:

This device keeps a check on the appliances in your home. It would monitor the usage of energy by each device and alert you to switch off the device that consumes extra energy. Again, the monitor would display the amount of money you would save by switching off a particular device.

This monitor demands an investment of £40 – £100. Nonetheless, it is very effective in capturing extra energy usage and helps in combating the problem of wastage of energy. It turns out to be the best help for cutting energy costs.

To sum up, by investing in these small yet effective energy saving devices, you can reduce your energy bills by a considerable amount. The devices are a once in a while investment and very much worth the money. They would save you a big money by slaying your energy bills. So, if you do not have these at your home then, get them at the earliest!

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