All You Need to Know About Social Tariffs

December 11th, 2019

First of all what is a social tariff? This is one of the main questions that come to one’s mind when they read about making savings on energy bills. Well, these are special tariffs offered to people who are facing the threat of getting into the fuel poverty zone. You are considered to be under the fuel poverty zone when more than 10% of your income goes into paying your energy bills. This makes you eligible to get cheaper tariffs which are more fondly termed as social tariffs.

The main criteria of getting benefitted from social tariffs is your age (you need to be over 60 years of age), low income or when a big chunk (10%) of your income goes into paying your energy bills.

Although social tariffs are actually phased out, you can certainly contact your supplier to check if they are providing any schemes to cope with your bills or are they providing the Warm Home Discounts.

Some of the suppliers actually help you by arranging funds only when they exactly know why you are facing the financial crisis and is it genuine. Some of them like EDF energy offers funds to customers from its Energy Trust fund.

Now days, social tariffs have been replaced by Warm Home Discounts. These are government offered schemes for those who qualify for this amount of money which can be £120 or more than that. If you are elderly, terminally ill or have very young children at home. The criteria may vary as per supplier but are regulated by Ofgem.

Another very useful scheme would be the energy efficient grant offered by the government. This grant is given to improve your home and to make it ‘leak proof’. It could be the charge required for insulation of loft, walls, windows and even boilers.

Again if you are more than 60 years of age then you become eligible for the Winter Fuel Payment. This means you get £150 to £300 as heating allowance for your home. With all this in place, the social tariffs are slowly vanishing or have already relinquished by most of the suppliers. You can still ask your energy supplier about the plan they offer to save you from financial crisis due to energy payment.

For more details on which suppliers offer these plans or comparison between various energy suppliers, just check our website or call us on 02034757476 for a personal consultation.

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