9 Top tips to drive down fuel consumption

October 10th, 2019

9 Top tips to drive down fuel consumption

There are lots of ways you can get more from your tank of fuel. Why not gain on the number of miles you can travel by improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle?

Rather than hunting around for best petrol deals or endlessly researching the best car options for overall performance and fuel consumption there are other, often much easier, things you can do. Follow our top 9 tips to see how you can make simple changes in your driving habits and go the extra mile.

1.Tyree get tired

Tyree should be well inflated and to the recommended level. It is estimated by leading tyre manufacturers that as much as £1 billion per annum is wasted by drivers due to driving with under-inflated tyres. You could be one of them, with your car gobbling up excess fuel.

2.Off load and feel the difference

Take a look in your car boot or back seat. The chances are you have superfluous items that are adding weight to your vehicle. Even roof racks or cycle brackets add excess weight and also add to wind resistance factors. Your car will drink up more fuel to cope with the extra weight. Give it a break and offload.

3.Let your legs do the walking

Instead of driving to your local store to get a bottle of milk or packet of sugar, you could probably walk there in the same time, taking into account parking and traffic. If you only use your car on longer, more necessary journeys, you can cut down quite considerably on petrol. Instead of walking, you could cycle or, as you extend your distance, hop on a bus or train.

4.Observe speed limits

Keeping your speed down will lower your fuel bill. By driving at fast speeds you simply cause more fuel waste and pollute the air. Research conducted by the AA has highlighted that by driving 10miles an hour slower means 9-25% less fuel being demanded by your car, depending on what speed you are doing. You don’t have to be a tortoise, but arriving a little later at your destination probably won’t make much difference; saving on pounds will.

5.Look at your feet

If you habitually drive in high heels or big clumpy shoes your feet are likely to be less sensitive on the pedals, including the fuel increasing accelerator and the fuel-wasting brake. Changing into a pair of flat shoes with thinner soles will give you better control and a lighter feel. This can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

6. Learn how to drive

Sudden accelerating and sharp braking is one of the most expensive ways to drive. Driving at speed, increases both the drag on your car and petrol used, and by driving with smooth movements in braking, accelerating and steering, you can cut the energy lost through movement on suspension.

7.Stay cool…within limits

The air con is great in hot weather but it will cause more fuel gobbling when driving at a lower speed. Reserve the air conditioner for motorway driving when your speed is likely to be higher and extra fuel consumption is not so apparent. On smaller journeys, open the windows when it’s hot but avoid doing this on the motorway as you will increase aerodynamic drag, wasting more petrol.

8.Engine running overtime

Whenever you’re stuck in a long queue, have pulled over to make a phone call or parked for a few minutes, cut your ignition. Forget giving your car a warm up session on a frosty morning before you get on the road – you can cause engine damage and fuel wastage in doing so.

9.Cars need care too

It may seem expensive but will probably save you cost in the long run, to keep your car regularly serviced. This will maintain engine efficiency to optimum standard for the age and mileage of your car. The garage will run tests and check your car has the correct engine oil for maximum performance.

Some cars perform better than others but you can help your car, your pocket and others by following these tips and getting the best from your car, whatever the make or model.

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