75 Percent of Insurers Offer HIV Assurance, Says Medical Financial Advisers

December 11th, 2019

Unusual Risks, the UK’s leading medical finance adviser has been doing surveys regarding the availability of HIV life assurance in the UK. It has been doing the surveys for six years and has come up with some really positive findings. In 2011, the survey discovered that there were 50% of insurance providers that provide one or another form of HIV Life Assurance to the UK citizens.

This year the company found out that the ratio has increased to 75%, which means that two thirds of the insurers offer some or the other form of HIV life assurance in the UK. This has been a gradual change over the past seven years and insurers have become more open towards offering deals to facilitate the HIV positive people.

Chris Morgan, lead financial adviser of Unusual Risks, expressed his pleasure on finding the fact that the top 12 life assurance providers offering the HIV cover have been continuously improving their services over the years and are creating favourable situations for the HIV positive suffers.

According to Mr Morgan, higher number of life insurance products means improved terms and premiums in the coming times. He has formed an alliance with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to generate more awareness about HIV Life insurance so that maximum people can get benefitted.

In one of the surveys, the medical adviser found that nearly 33% of HIV positive people were not aware about the facility of life assurance for them. This needs to be worked upon as the facilities are there since at least seven years and it is the lack of awareness that is keeping people away from leveraging them.

According to the survey as many as 22% people cancelled their insurance policy once they were diagnosed with HIV. They felt that the insurance policy would get invalidated. Such numbers bring sheer disappointment and the latest survey is a refreshing change as it suggests that there is an increase of 25% in the number of insurance providers offering assurance to the HIV positive people.

Mr Morgan expressed his views on this by saying that “As medical science progresses we are seeing illnesses that use to be a block on protection becoming better understood and better treated. In turn it means more people are able to receive some form of cover and gain financial peace of mind.”

Well, the survey has showed a positive side of the UK insurance market and now more and more HIV positive suffers can get benefited from the plans. To know which life assurance plans are best, you can check our website https://freepricecompare.com/insurance/life-insurance/.

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