53 Million Gas and Electricity Meters Roll-out to Smart Meter By 2020

October 23rd, 2019

According to the figures revealed by the Ofgem, there were 5 million complaints made by the customers to larger energy suppliers in 2015 and inaccurate billing was the most common issue with them.

The UK Government set a revolutionary target of rolling-out 53 Million energy meters into smart meters. As a part of that new commencement 1.6 million smart meters have been installed already.

Energy regulator Ofgem published some facts about energy market at the end of February 2016. Smart Meter is also covered there. According to the figures, households are expected to save £26 annually on energy bill once rollout complete in 2020. However, smart meter rollout costs average £6 per household bill initially.

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is managing the entire program of smart meter implementation since April, 2011. Before that Ofgem has accomplished the first phase of the program in March 2011.

Smart Energy Code (SEC):

For smart meter rollout, Data and Communication Company (DCC) plays a vital role because it connects smart meters with the energy supplier’s system, network operators and energy service companies. DECC issued DCC license to Smart DCC Ltd. which is affiliated with renowned international business process outsourcing company Capita plc.

Smart Energy Code is also known as simply SEC is a new industry code or a set of terms and provisions for DCC (Data and Communication Company). The SEC defines the DCC’s services and other provisions to govern the smart metering management. In other ways, DECC protects the right to approve any modification in the consumer’s interest.

Now, I would like to share some thoughts on what customer will get by this smart meter transformation.

  • With smart meter customer can keep track real time energy use, though a display device in your home.
  • With a smart meter, no one disturbs you for meter reading, meter automatically delivers reading and based on this you will be charged.
  • With Smart meter, incorrect billing will become a past. You will receive 100% accurate energy bill.
  • With Smart meter, one can reduce the carbon emission and can save money by managing energy consumption.

Operation cost will decrease noticeably after smart meter rollout so Energy experts forecast a significant fall in gas and electricity prices for both domestic and business segments.

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