5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Stress While Driving in The City

December 13th, 2019

We all agree to an extent that driving in the city is not a piece of cake. It has its own challenges that bring out the

stress in you. You would be bogged down by the heavy and slow moving traffic, restricted views and even pedestrians that cross the roads in a hurry without thinking a bit about those behind the wheels. You would also find equally frustrated drivers who care little about road safety when stuck in such situations.

Mark Lewis from the Institute of Advanced Motorists suggests that although car driving can be a daunting task in city traffic, one can try many techniques to cool things down and actually enjoy the drive. He meant when you have no choice but to be in the traffic, then it’s better to take pleasure in it. Well, below we have listed some tips and techniques which can ease out your stress while driving through a heavily trafficked area.

Tips for a stress free drive in a heavily trafficked route:

Planning is the first step towards stress free driving!

No matter how good a driver you are, it can be confusing and difficult to drive, especially in the city where you have huge amount of traffic that can restrict your view. These are situations which prompts one to make mistakes like missing a signpost or a traffic light. It would help a great deal if you leave half an hour early to prevent any rush and allow yourself to  reach on time even while you make some mistakes on the road. So, plan in advance and spare some time for the impromptu events on the road.

Keep an eye on the gap!

It is highly important to keep a clear gap between the vehicles in front and around you. There are fair chances that the brakes may slip or doors of parked cars may open suddenly especially in a packed environment. As you cannot control the drivers behind your vehicle, it becomes vital to keep an eye on the mirrors of your vehicle. You may need to brake early to avoid any kind of mishaps from the cars behind you. This helps you to avoid running for whiplash and car insurance claims even when the car was hit from behind due to misjudgement of any kinds. So, maintain a healthy gap between vehicles and keep checking your mirrors frequently.

Check the volume of traffic while on the road!

You need to be alert as cars are not the only form of traffic you would find in the city. You would encounter a lot of pedal cycles and mobility scooters that can distract you or even block your way. You need to be patient with them and even give the benefit of doubt to the pedestrians as quiet modern cars may not alert them, especially when they are listening to music or are on call when passing through the road. For this, the driver behind the wheels needs to be calm, composed and relaxed to drive smoothly.

Be ready for the narrow roads!

If you are driving down the old city, then it is obvious that you feel more confined as the roads in the old city were not built by keeping the heavy traffic in mind. Now, an easy way is to pull in your car’s wing mirrors while driving on such roads. You need to be alert about the width of your car as you may need to give way to ease out the traffic so you need to be literally on your toes when on narrow roads.

Be slow yet steady!

When you need to cross a street parked with vehicles on either sides and literally creep through the road, then ‘slow and steady’ is the way out. Have patience, keep checking your mirrors or peep out when required so as to avoid any collisions. With a little meticulous approach, you can peacefully drive through the traffic.

These five tips would help you deal with the traffic in the city and narrow roads. Listening to light music may help but make sure that it should not take away your alertness from the wheels. You should be mindful about the situation and move ahead with responsibility. In addition, you should have the mandatory car insurance to deal with collisions that happen even after you take charge of driving in traffic.

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