15 quick facts UK motorists should know!

December 10th, 2019

15-quick-facts-uk-motorists-should-knowA comprehensive report from Department of Transport UK suggests that the scenario of casualties and fatalities due to road accidents has improved in 2015 when compared to 2014. Statistics prove that there is a decrease of 2% road deaths in 2015 when compared to 2014. Overall scenario about road accidents has also improved.

According to figures:

  • 1,732 deaths occurred in 2015, which is 2% less than that in 2014.

  • 22,137 people seriously injured in road traffic accidents, which is a 3% reduction when compared with 2014.

  • 186,209 casualties of all severities in 2015. This is around a 4% reduction when compared against 2014 and it is the second lowest level on record.

  • Vehicle traffic levels shot up by 1.6% in 2015

  • 44% of the total road deaths happened due to car accidents

Even when these figures suggest how much important it is to buy car insurance, there are nearly 6.8 million people who would ignore it if it was not a mandatory thing. 12.5% drivers make a car insurance claim every year. The average cost of the claim is £3,000. This can also be accounted to the fact that many car drivers in UK are unclear about the terminologies used for car insurance.

The following terms are found confusing by motorists:

TermPercentage of motorists who do not have a fair idea about it
Enhanced courtesy car66%
Modifications Cover62%
Medical expenses39%
Motor legal protection51%
Personal injury cover34%
Compulsory excess24%
Protected no claims discount29%
Voluntary excess26%
Motor legal expenses45%
Key care cover41%

Talking about car occupant casualties and severities in 2015, there is a fall recorded than the figures of 2014. 755 of car occupants were killed in 2015. This was 5% lower than in 2014, which recorded 797 deaths. 7,888 of them were seriously injured. 103,065 suffered from mild injuries. Motor vehicle traffic in this case increased by 1% and was recorded as 247.7 billion vehicle miles. Of all, 111,708 car occupant casualties, 14% were young drivers insurance age between 17 and 24 while 32% of them were passengers.

This is as per the report of www.gov.uk and some of the information was taken from www.insurancebusinessmag.com.

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