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Life Insurance Frequently asked questions

Why get a life insurance quote?

Most people get a life insurance quote or have a life insurance review when there is a significant change in their circumstances such as moving home or a change in life that means there are one or more individuals (this could be getting married or having children) are financially dependent on you to pay all or some of the monthly bills such as a mortgage.

Life insurance pays out a lump sum if you die during the term (length) of your life insurance which means that financial obligations can still be met and your family can continue to live at home without worrying about meeting the monthly payments.

Who needs life insurance?

If you have a family that rely on you financially then you should consider life insurance. To work out if you should have it then you should consider the following questions;

  • Would the loss of my income affect my families living circumstances and quality of life?
  • Do you have savings or other assets that can support your family’s needs if you were not around?
  • Could my death affect my child’s ability to afford any vocational training or further education?

If your salary not being paid to the family each month would hinder their ability to pay bills or stop a child going to university then it is recommended you get life insurance for their protection.

How long do I need life insurance for?

You need it as long as you have financial commitments. If you are getting life insurance to only cover your mortgage then the term (insurance period) should match the number of years you have remaining on your mortgage. If you are taking out a life insurance policy to protect your families income then you should consider at what age you think your children will no longer be financially reliant on you and how long you have remaining on your mortgage and get covered for whichever one is longer.

How much life insurance do I need?

This is a tricky one because it varies from one person to another which is why we go through things on the phone, but in general you will need enough to cover your mortgage and any debts on loans or credit cards that you have. Then you need to think if you wanted to leave a lump sum to anyone, if you do then factor in this figure to any life insurance policy value you want to get a quote for.

Will I definitely get the pay out?

The policy will only pay out upon death during the term of the insurance policy, it is not an investment product and in reality you hope that you never have to utilise the pay out on a regular policy. You state how many years you want to be insured for (between 2 years and 40 years depending on age) and as long as you have adhered to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy then your family will receive the cash pay out of the life insurance policy value. If you selected a 25 year term for your policy and paid the monthly premiums and are still alive at the end of the 25 years your policy will lapse and will have zero value. You can select a whole of life insurance where there is a guaranteed cash payment at the end of your life, these are considerably more expensive and are best discussed over the phone.

How much does life insurance cost?

Life insurance will vary on your age, your health, whether you have used any nicotine products (smoked or vaped), what the policy value is and what the term is (duration). Life insurance can be affordable and can suit virtually every budget. If you are in good health and haven’t used a nicotine product then the policy cost will be lower the younger you are so it is definitely not something you should put off.

Below is a table of costs from 1st February 2022 comparing a person with no health conditions (and no family history of health condition) on a level term (the insurance value will be the same on the first day of the policy and the last day of the policy) and paying £10 a month for the duration of the life insurance policy

Age at the start
of the policy
Term Years (length)Monthly costCover amountInsurer

*Examples of cover from £10 a month

Who do Free Price Compare work with?

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