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What is landlord insurance and why is it required?

Tenants should have their own contents insurance for items they keep in the property. However, if your property is furnished, it's your responsibility to have landlord contents insurance for the items you own, as well as any fixtures and fittings.

What is public liability insurance?

It is a type of landlord insurance which provides cover to your tenants, workers or visitors who got injured due to faults in your rental property.

Why should I get contents insurance for my rental property?

You don’t need to get contents insurance cover to protect the tenants’ contents but you may want to protect the contents owned by you such as furniture equipment and other fixtures and fittings.

What is loss of rent cover?

It is designed to give you a cover in case your property becomes uninhabitable because of disasters like fire, flood or an earth quake. In the majority of cases, the insurer pays the cost of rent for 36 months when you register a claim.

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