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know-your-energy-supplier-eon-energy_freepricecompareE.ON Energy:

E.ON is an integral part of the “Big six” energy suppliers of the United Kingdom and world’s largest investor owned power and gas company. Formerly called Powergen until 2007, the company supplies energy for domestic and commercial use. Be it for home or business, E.ON is a reliable name for more than 5 million customers. The company holds the credit of being the UK’s second largest electricity generator.

Headquartered in Coventry, the company has several offices and power generation sites across the UK. It also has wind farms and a biomass plant. As per the statistics of January 2016, E.ON gets fuel from several sources which includes:

    • Coal – 38.6%

    • Nuclear – 14.2%

    • Gas – 36.2%

    • Other – 6.3%

    • Renewable – 4.7%

E.ON and customer satisfaction level:

According to a survey, E.ON has a 76% satisfied customers, which proves its good quality service. With millions using energy from this powerful supplier, it surely manages to create a huge impact on the UK energy market.

2012 was the year that marked E.ON as the first energy company that offered cash rewards for loyalty to its customers. It was the same year when the company ended the process of unsolicited doorstep selling.

E.ON and the scenario of price changes:

The company announced in January 2016 about a 5.1% price cut in its gas supplies. This was brought forth to reduce at least £32 per year from every customer’s energy bill.

In January 2015, the company announced to cut down 3.5% prices for its dual fuel customers. In December 2013, it announced increase in gas and electricity prices by 3.7%, with effect from 18th January.

In November 2012, E.ON surprised people by increasing the fix deal prices which were considered cheapest deal from the company.

To know more about E.ON, its new tariff, energy quotes and discount deals, visit or call us on 02034757476. You may also like E.ON Energy’s Cancellation fees

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