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If you've invested in an electric car or a hybrid, then you're already ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting the environment and your wallet! Pre electric cars don't need ever more expensive fuel, and many people find that even with a hybrid, they can manage their daily journeys by running them on electricity alone. Electric cars are new generation vehicles built with the highest specifications and they are desirable, so it's well worth insuring them with the best insurers.

Electric cars need basic third party, fire and theft insurance as an absolute minimum but most people will choose fully comprehensive insurance to protect their cars - and themselves - against the full range of risks, which can include theft, fire and damage to property. You can also get specialist add-ons for electric cars such as cover to protect batteries and charging cables, as well as legal services and key loss cover.

The good news is that electric car premiums have dropped as these types of cars have become more popular and widely available. It's also possible to keep your premium low whilst opting for a high-quality insurance policy by carrying out a search comparison first here at Free Price Compare.

Simply add the details of your electric car and our rapid search engine will do the rest. In return for some basic information, we can instantly show you which car insurers will cover your electric car at the policy level you are interested in, and how much each will cost. You can also see where insurers will offer extras, and the price of these, to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Once you've decided which electric car insurance policy you are interested in, you can simply click through to your insurer of choice and complete your application in just a few steps. It couldn't be quicker or easier! We do all of the hard work so you don't have to and you can also choose to register your details with us so that we send you a reminder to update your insurance to the best possible policy before your current one expires.

Enter your details now for an instant quote on the electric car insurance you need, in just a few minutes!

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