Breakdown Cover


Breakdown cover

The dreaded breakdown can happen at any time whilst driving. Breakdown cover, on the other hand, can get youback on the road in rapid time.

There are three main categories of breakdown cover
Automatic breakdown cover

Automatic breakdown cover can be tailored by the policy holder to best fit their budget and needs. Once decided, a fee is then paid once a year which will insure the driver against breakdowns, and includes a free call out service. Many insurers offer this, so compare at FreePriceCompare and see who provides the best possible offer.

Pay on call-out

Instead of paying a hefty annual fee, a pay on call-out deal works by the insurance company outsourcing recovery work to third party services local to where the breakdown occurred. Once the breakdown company are paid, the insurance company will reimburse the policy holder with the cash paid for the recovery.

Car maker cover

Car manufacturers sometimes offer a breakdown insurance service when selling their models. Details of the policy are different with each provider.

Personal cover or car cover

Some insurers offer policies which differentiate between covering the car and covering the person that drives it. As a result, the price varies dramatically so shop around.

Personal breakdown policies

Personal breakdown cover generally caters for people who are regularly driving. The policy can cover both passenger and driver, in whichever vehicle they might be driving at the time of accident.

Car breakdown policies

Regardless of who is driving, car breakdown policies insure the car in an accident. More than one vehicle can be included on the policy.

Stages of cover

There are certain variations between companies:

  • Roadside assistance – Covers breakdowns within a radius of a quarter of a mile from the policy holder’s home.
  • Home assistance – This policy covers the holder if the car breaks down on their premises or in less than a quarter of a mile away.
  • Vehicle recovery – The vehicle will either be towed to a garage or fixed on the roadside.
  • Parts and labor cover – When the car is fixed, the accrued cost of parts and labor is covered.
  • Onward travel – This policy affords the driver the opportunity of help whilst their car is being fixed, and includes replacement cars and accommodation until transport can be sourced.
  • European breakdown cover – Good for traveling businesspeople or constant travelers, this policy covers you on the continent.
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