Increase In Number Of Cancer Cases Call For An Urgent Need For Health Insurance Policies

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We all know about life threatening effects of cancer and the irony is that more and more people are being diagnosed by different kinds of cancers. According to official figures, the number of cancer patients in England has reached a record high. The year 2015 recorded 299,923 new cases of cancer as confirmed by the Office of National Statistic (ONS). The figures point to the fact that 822 people are being added every day on the list of cancer patients.

It was discovered that the disease was more widespread in men than in women. The number of men suffering from cancer was 153,061 (51%) more than the 146,862 cases observed in females. Therefore, it is important to buy a comprehensive health insurance policy at an early stage in life so that you remain covered for all kinds of illnesses that may occur in later parts of life. If you already have some medical condition then you are eligible for a policy but, some of the insurers may position the existing conditions into exclusions.

According to the Department of Health (DoH), early diagnosis is a positive sign as it will help in faster treatment and quicker recovery. A DoH spokeswoman said: “These figures are a tribute to the NHS staff, which are diagnosing more cancers every year and increasing patients’ chances of survival – survival rates are now at record levels. We need to do even more, so are implementing the recommendations of the Independent Cancer Taskforce’s five-year strategy, which will help make us world leaders in care, supported by an extra £300 million.”

Medical experts suggest that many of the newly found cancers are some kind of lifestyle diseases which can be easily prevented by living a healthy life. Most common cancers include breast cancer, which accounts for 15.4% of the new cancers detected in England. 13% of cases are diagnosed with prostate cancer while 12.5% of people are detected with some or the other form of lung cancer.

Caroline Moye, head of the World Cancer Research Fund spoke on the topic by saying that “Cancer cases are predicted to continue to rise, however this doesn’t need to be the case. About a third of the most common cancers could be prevented by eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and doing more physical activity. That’s around 80,000 cancer cases a year.”

To conclude, we can easily fight back cancer by taking preventive measures and leading a healthy lifestyle. While it is important to take daily care, it is equally important to purchase health insurance to manage finances if ever one gets trapped by such life sapping diseases. Smoking is one of the major causes of lung cancer and should be stopped by one and all. Regular exercise, healthy food and happy mind contribute to a healthy body and should be maintained to keep away all kinds of illnesses.

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