In response to Fix Britain’s Internet, Ofcom bombarded with 75,000 consumer contacts

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broadband75,000 Consumer contacts bring Ofcom into Action

Britain has been suffering from the issue of low internet speeds. The giant kingdom has been offering internet speeds that are much lower than villages in other parts of the world. Highly developed cities like London and Manchester have download speeds that are half that of rural areas in countries like Romania and Poland.

Manchester, a place with 25 million people and a hub to several UK businesses receives a download speed of 23.61 Mbps when compared to Sweden, a small place with population equal to 860 people and an internet download speed of 40.6 Mbps. There are numerous examples of this kind.

The most blamed reason for this is the failure of the British Telecommunication’s Openreach, the national internet network. Around 60% of internet users in the UK say that they have been let down by the download speeds in the past month. Also, there are 47% people who give second thoughts to shift to an area with low internet connectivity.

To combat this failure and lack of action from the authorities, telecom giants like Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone and the Federation of Communication Services formed a coalition and urged UK internet users to express their views to Ofcom so that it takes some action on its proposed reforms to Openreach. Under the label of Fix Britain’s Internet, the coalition has made sure that people contact Ofcom to take an immediate action.

This has resulted in a massive response from the people of UK and more that 75,000 consumers contacted Ofcom and supported the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign. BT was quick to respond and promised that by 2020, it will facilitate ultrafast broadband speeds of more than 100Mbps to 12 million homes. It also retorted by publishing an advertisement that Britain offers much faster average download speeds than France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The campaign is brilliantly executed and has made many broadband users aware of their rights and encouraged them to raise their voice. What happens next is left to be seen.

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