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First Utility reviews

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About First Utility

Founded in 2008, First Utility tops the independent energy supplier list with more than one million customers. After the �Big Six� companies, this one is considered as the largest energy provider. They are suppliers of gas and electricity in domestic and commercial markets. They introduced the usage of smart meters in the United Kingdom. The company claims to not agree to outdated energy policies and offer cheapest prices to its customers.

It became highly popular due to its customer friendly approach and policies that keeps the customer on the centre stage. It became highly popular since its inception and crossed one million customers in September 2014. They do not generate electricity but purchase wholesale energy from international markets..

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Verified Buyer

I have been with First Utility for a number of years now. I like the use of the app to record my monthly readings and to view at a glance my usage. I have always found them to be responsive to adapting my monthly payments to reflect the different usage during the year. I like the experience so much that I have stayed with them despite having cheaper quotes elsewhere.

Verified Buyer

I was concerned about new tariff as it was �10 a month more, and I�m always in credit. Lauren S helped me online, apply my credit to reduce new payments. Very patient and helpful. Sent me the links and waited until I was all sorted.

Verified Buyer
Leigh D Gerhardt

I’ve been with First Utility now for several years. During that time I’ve found them to be helpful, economical and actually do what they say they’re going to do. They respond to my questions quickly and make me feel valued. I intend to keep them as my energy provider for the foreseeable future.

Verified Buyer

We have been a customer with First Utilites for over two years and recently moved property. The property was with Eon but we wanted to stay with First Utilities because of their service and the tarriff. They sorted the transaction we did not have to be involved at all .We would reccomend First Utilities for all round performance

Verified Buyer
John wigglesworth

I find this company attentive and as honest as these companies should be! They have cut my costs because I have used less than expected this last 12 months. Not many do that these days. I will now judge them on their latest forecast of price increases over the next three years to see if that is correct and agree to their latest quote!

Verified Buyer

After explaining a couple of times that I’d got an appointee, my sister see’s to my affairs due to my disabilities. First utility wanted to sell me another contract for my utilities as my 18 month contract was coming to an end. They did get in touch with my sister who sorted out my new contract. The guys from First Utility stopped contacting me & all was well.

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