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Compare Dual Fuel Tariffs

What is a dual fuel tariff?

A dual fuel tariff is when both your gas and electricity energy supplier are the same. Often dual tariffs have discounts applied but that does not mean it is cheapest option in the market, sometimes it is worth having separate suppliers for both types of energy.

Who is suited to a dual fuel tariff?

To some extent everyone can be suited to a dual fuel tariff but it all depends on the energy requirements. If you prefer to have one bill for both your electricity and gas consumption then Dual fuel tariffs are ideal. However if you are looking for the cheapest deal then it may not necessarily be the case that the dual fuel tariff is the cheapest option on the market – in this instance you would have 2 separate bills and will have to give meter readings to both.

Please note you would not be able to select a dual fuel tariff if your home is electricity only or is electricity and oil.

What are the dual fuel tariff discounts?

Discounts are offered by energy companies as they win business on both your gas and electricity usage. These discounts vary between suppliers but it is not unreasonable to expect around 15% discount on your bill subject to you selecting an online deal and paying via direct debit.

Once again, dual fuel tariffs are not always cheaper but they can be quite convenient. To see what options are available to you, always compare for the best deals in the energy market.

How do I switch to the cheapest deal?

Switching to a cheaper energy deal is very easy with FreePriceCompare; you can actually compare and select the cheapest supplier from our results page in 5 minutes.

Once selected, FreePriceCompare will handle the whole process for you, including letting your previous supplier know that you would like to switch energy suppliers. The whole process takes around 21 days and you are guaranteed to be never left without gas or electricity supply.

Please note, if you are in a contract, you can be subjected to exit fees so you can either wait for the contract to come up for renewal or you can switch now if the savings are significant. Remember tariffs can go up in price, so if you can save a lot of money by paying the exit fees then it is worth a serious consideration.

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

4000+ reviews