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Gas units to kWh converter

This ranges from 37.5 to 43.0, and is set by National Grid for each distribution zone. Use 39.3 default for a rough answer.
*Check your latest bill for the exact value*

Your estimated number of kilowatt-hours used will be displayed here.

gasWant to convert gas usage in kWh then check here! For this, the first thing you should know is the exact gas meter reading.

Imperial Gas Meter (Ft3)

Many of the houses in UK are still using imperial gas meters while most use Metric gas meter. Please note that this is not for smart meters as they show usage in kWh on their screens.

If you are using age old imperial meters then you will find that it uses cubic feet as the unit of measuring gas usage. In this case, your meter will have ‘cubit feet’ or ‘f3’ written over it.

Point to be noted is that you need to ignore any red dials while reading the meter and when the needle is between two numbers then choose the lower one.

Metric Gas Meter (M3):

meterIf you are using metric meter then you will find that the unit of gas is cubic meters. This would also be displayed on the meter or you will find the symbol M3 which denotes the same. Ignore the figures given in the red blocks.

Now, you must be aware that electricity is measured in kWh while gas can be measured as per the units stated on your machine as well as in kWh.

This can lead to a big confusion in your gas bill or dual fuel bill. To avoid this confusion, we present a Gas unit to kWh converter which will give you exact amount of gas used in kWh.

Gas Units to kWh converter:

Your gas usage in kWh is:


This calculator will help you verify whether your supplier is creating accurate gas bills or not.

Please note that this page acts just as a tool and it is recommended to cross check the final figure by calculating through simple maths.

Metric formula: (No. of cubic metres x Correction Factor x Calorific Value) / 3.6

Imperial formula: (Hundreds of cubic feet x 2.83 x Correction Factor x Calorific Value) / 3.6

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