Frequently Asked Question On Mobile Phone And Its Tariff

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to check before finalizing a mobile deal?

Is your mobile is just for talking? Certainly not. Today your mobile phone is your shopping market, connect to your friends on social media, your point for news, personal instructor for health and many more thing. So pick the right phones with right plan needs to list out your purpose against the features and cost.

Why you need to switch your mobile or tariffs?

Latest technologies making mobile phones smarter and do you like to stay as it is? Definitely not! And many factors affect the price tariffs for text, calls and internets so by switching you can save money or you can have more benefits.

Will I retain the number?

Yes, Number portability is available while switching to other network so you can switch to other network without changing your number. While switching tariffs within same network, also your number remain the same.

What is pay as you go?

Pay as you go deals provide good options for light mobile users. Pay as you go mobile phones offers a flexibility of changing the network provider without any hassle.

You don’t need to go in long term contracts with network operators if you usage is moderate to light. You have pay as you go deals which give freedom from heavy monthly bills.

It works same as name suggest, it is prepaid plan. First top up your phone with some credit and enjoy the benefits until credit drains. Simple! No contracts (loaded with terms and conditions) and no monthly bills.

This is best option for starter users like teenagers and light users like elder or retired people. Pay as you go prevents paying higher bills for unwanted and unknown usage.

In-fact switching is easiest in pay as you go deals. Here you have no contracts, no dues so this makes switching easiest.

What is contract based mobile phones?

Contract based mobile phones are cheaper for heavy mobile users. Sometime you can get a mobile free with high usage tariffs. In contract based mobile phones, to switch between networks you need porting authorising code handed over to new operator to retain your old number. Keep in mind that you need to switch before your current contract expires to retain the number.

Benefits of Contract Mobile deals

Huge number of deals available on contract based deals. So you can find perfect deal based on your usage of text, call and data.

Get high range mobile handsets at much lower cost than the market price. In some deals you can get it even free.

You might get many extra gifts including lot of freebies.

Many contract providers offer flexibility to mobile upgrades in between. So you can change your mobile anytime by paying little.

Things to keep in mind while choosing contract deals

You will be tied for months so check things like network availability in areas where you often go, user reviews and ratings etc. Leaving a contract in between can cost you huge penalties.

Avoid signing longer contracts i.e. 24 months etc. because it becomes frustrating to bear something uncomfortable for such long.

Estimate your usage accurately. Higher usage then your estimates may cost you a lot in monthly bill. At the same time, lower usage means waste of money which is even harder to digest for so long.

How to choose home phone supplier?

It depends on your usage. You should consider the package’s monthly cost, line rental cost, calling rate etc. Some packages includes the line rental cost while some not.

Will my services interrupted and face blackout?

Nope, not at all. We know it is difficult to stay without a phone. Your service will not be interrupted at all.

Can I continue with my current SIM card?

There are many complications. Different networks operates on different frequencies. Some networks prevent use of other network’s SIM by software lock in your phone so in this case you need to unlock your phone.


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