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How do I select the best airline?

On top of your destination and route, you should consider the type of airline available to you.

  • Budget airlines: As you might expect, a budget airline is the cheapest option available to all travellers. Often the price doesn’t include complimentary meals and/or drinks.
  • Scheduled Flights: operate on a specified airline schedule, which requires advance booking and is available through the airline company or travel agents.
  • Charted flights: operate on behalf of various travel companies and are often not scheduled in advance.

When is the best time to arrange a flight booking?

It is recommended that travellers book their flights at least 20-30 days in advance of their departure date. However, it would vary depending on your destination and flight availability.

What time of the day is it cheaper to fly?

Early morning and late night flights are less popular and hence they are often the cheaper option. However this could mean long stopovers or arriving well after or before your hotel check in times.