Check your credit rating

Your credit report contains the information lenders see when they are deciding whether to lend to you or not. If you know what it contains, you will have a better idea of what credit you can apply for.

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Why Should Your Check your Credit Score?

Checking your credit report puts you in control of your finances, you can view what lenders look at when you apply for products. You can view your credit history, information about the money that has previously been lent to you and how well you have managed this. Financial lenders look at this information when you apply for products such as a loan, a credit card, a mortgage, store credit and even a mobile phone contract.

What Does A Credit Report Include?

Each company will offer you different features on their report so pick the one that is best suited to you, but common things you will get in a clear and easy to view way will be;

- Credit Rating and what it means

- A list of who you have credit with (mortgage, credit cards, bank account, loans etc)

- Who has searched your credit file

- Payment history detailing whether you have kept up to date on payments and if these have always been on time

- Fraud alerts, you will be alerted by phone or SMS if credit is attempted in your name

Benefits Of Checking Your Credit Report Regularly

- Fraud detection - check that no one is using your identity to apply for credit

- Make sure the information is up to date and correct

- Apply for products you will likely be approved for

- Correct any mistakes if there are any to get better rates

Do I Have To Become A Member?

No, you can get a one of credit report for £2. Your statutory credit report shows your credit history. It contains informatin authorised lenders can see when they carry out a credit check on you. tThe information in your £2 Statutory Credit Report is the same information that is shown on your full Credit Report but you must pay a £2 fee each time you wish to see an up to date version and you do not get any alerts or warnings.To get your £2 report visit one of these;

For a report from Experian:

Click or call 0844 481 80000

For a report from Equifax:

Click or call 0844 335 0550

For a report from Callcredit:

Click or call 0870 060 1414

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