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Frequently asked questions

If I join do I have to switch energy supplier?

No. There is absolutely no obligation. You are just expressing an interest.

Can I join no matter where I live?

Yes the more the merrier. Invite your friends and family no matter where they live in the UK. The only exception is Northern Ireland – sorry!

How much can I save?

We won’t be able to tell you the precisely the amount you can save until the supplier deal(s) are finalised. Typical customer savings are £300 a year.

I’ve joined in and registered my interest. When will I get the offer?

Once the collective is open for switching, we will inform you of the winning deal(s) and how much you could save. The deals will be available for around 4 weeks for switching.

Will I be able to choose the way I pay for my energy?

Yes. We will have winning deals that cover all the main payment methods – including direct debit, pay on receipt of bill, and pre-payment meter. The cheapest deals tend to be monthly direct debit, but there is still plenty of opportunity to get a good deal irrespective of the payment method.

I am on a fixed contract. Can I switch?

Yes all contracts are for only 28 days. On the switching site you will be able to see how much you could save by switching and whether your current fixed deal has a cancellation penalty or not. These details are accessible via a link at the top of our results table. If your savings are greater than your penalty fee it may be worth changing. Towards the end of fixed energy deals (normally 4-5 weeks) no cancellation fee is payable for leaving.

Technical note: Savings calculations on approved sites like ours use a personal projection by default – this projects out your energy costs for a year based on not switching e.g. if you have 6 months to run on your fix our personal projection will calculate your future spend as 6 months of your current fix + 6 months on standard. If you do not want us to do this and instead just use your current fixed price across a whole year, even though it is ending sooner, you can ask us to change this on the site using a filter at the top of our results table. After clicking on “Show me how much I can save” the results page is displayed of the available tariffs, you can click on the link “additional filters” and tick the box “ Re-calculate savings using last year’s spend ”

I’m on a pre-payment meter. Can I still participate?

Yes. We have a pre-payment winning tariff and we also show all the other options on the market. We expect most prepayment customers will find a saving.

I rent my home. Do I have to check with my landlord before I sign up?

If you are the named person on your fuel bill, you currently pay them (or are the registered customer for your pre-payment meter) you have the right to change supplier and can sign up without contacting your landlord. If your landlord pays the bills or is the named person for your pre-payment meter, you can still sign up but they will need to complete the switch.

Can I still join in if I am in debt on my fuel bills?

You may be able to. It depends on who you choose to switch to and what their exact rules are. If you are in more than £100 of debt on your electricity or gas bill you may not be able to switch, unless you pay off that debt before you make the switch. If your debt is less than £100 you are likely to able to move the debt across.

Can you guarantee me cheaper gas and electricity than my current supplier?

We have regional and national winners so we expect the vast majority of customers will be able to save. However, in some circumstances customers who are already on very competitive deals may find they are better off sticking with the energy supplier they already have. We are committed to providing transparent, personalised advice, showing you clearly whether our collective deal works or not for you. And the choice to switch is always yours, so there is no harm in registering.

How long does it take to switch energy?

Switching energy provider normally takes 2-3 weeks dependent on the supplier.

Isn’t it a lot of hassle to switch?

energyhelpline, our comparison partner, will do everything for you, you don’t even need to notify your current supplier that you’re leaving. We have a customer service team available on email and over the phone to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

Once your switch is live and you have cleared any debt we advise customers to:
  • 1. Provide a meter reading to your new supplier on the day of your switchover – this enables a correct final bill
  • 2. Pro-actively cancel any direct debits or standing orders to your old supplier
  • 3. We also advise customers to ask their old suppliers for any credits back if they left them while in credit. These things are meant to be done automatically but are not always.

I like my current supplier. They have really good customer service. I think I’m already on a good deal.

Again there’s no obligation to switch if you register. As well as showing you the savings that you could make you can see also see suppliers’ customer service ratings on our results table.

Do you make money from this campaign?

If you decide to switch, we receive a commission from the energy supplier you choose typically of £25-£30 per fuel – part of this to comes to us and the rest is retained by energyhelpline who are powering the switching service – providing the website and call centre, and doing all the price comparisons and customer services. energyhelpline is one of the UK’s leading energy price comparison services and is accredited to the OFGEM confidence code to assure you that their comparisons are impartial and accurate.