What is collective switching?

A collective switching scheme uses group buying power to secure exclusive very low cost energy deals from suppliers. All suppliers are offered the opportunity to offer an exclusive rate and the best rate is selected. All you need to do is register and when the exclusive offer is made, we contact you and the thousands of others that register and tell you how much you can save and then you choose if you want to switch or not.

  • Strength in numbers – Because the new supplier will be getting a lot of new customers this allows them to give an exclusive rate that can mean saving you and everyone money.
  • No obligation – At the moment you are registering your interest, you do not need to switch when the offer is made. You are always in control
  • Hassle Free – Other than providing a final meter reading you don’t have do anything
  • Confidence - 4.73 / 5 rating from over 1,100 switches on Reviews.co.uk