Car insurance cost is directly proportional to UK job titles – Check how!

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Car insurance cost is directly proportional to UK job titles - Check how!

Who doesn’t want cheap car insurance that protects the vehicle against financial damages and yet not disturb our household budget. There are various methods to save on car insurance cost UK including shopping around but an interesting way to reduce car insurance premiums is to change your job title. You can actually save around 25% off your UK motor insurance cost by simply changing a job title that is considered less risky for the insurers.

UK motor insurance providers offer cheap car insurance by judging the customer and his/her driving habits against various factors. Job title is one of the deciding factors in calculating car insurance cost in UK. Logically, it is fair, as a racing driver has far more risk of facing accidents, vehicle damage and may even bang other vehicles more often than a nurse or a dancer. Therefore, car insurance providers in UK charge higher premiums from people with job titles associated with higher risk.

Another way to look at things is that a job title that suggests a modest life style is also a consideration in the filtration process of UK car insurers. To give an example, the profession of a nurse is considered a noble one and the salary can offer a modest lifestyle only. Again, some insurers classify the profession with a majority of females who have lower risk of accidents than their masculine counterparts. When all these consideration are clubbed, nurses often end up getting cheaper motor insurance premiums than people with higher salaries and exclusive job titles.

Now, another dimension to get cheap car insurance is to twist the job title which retains its meaning but still falls lower in the job category. Experts suggest that there is no scientific explanation for this but as there are overlapping job titles in the insurance database, the one that falls to the cheapest levels are offered cheaper insurance premiums. Like being a ‘photographer’ is expensive when compared to ‘fashion photographer’ and thus, there is a difference between the motor insurance premiums of both.

According to motor insurance comparison experts, hiding the actual job title can result in invalidation of the policy. However, changing it a bit with no change in the meaning of the job title will result in cheaper motor insurance cost. So, choosing a job title that gets a lower position in the insurance database is the way to save on motor insurance cost in UK. A piece of advice is to consult your insurance provider and discuss things in detail before changing the job title.

Another way to get cheap car insurance premiums is to shop around, compare all UK motor insurance providers and switch to the cheapest car insurer. It is cost effective if the switching does not involve any penalty. FreePriceCompare is a reliable motor insurance comparison provider that offers cheapest car insurance quotes online. You can select the best one and allow us to finish the switching process. We ensure that you get the cheapest motor insurance premiums and excellent service. To know how much you can save on switching car insurance provider, feel free to visit us at or call our team on 02034757476.

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Compare Car Insurance Providers and Save Up to £200