Car Crimes are Handled Loosely in the UK, says report

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car-crimesVehicle crime is increasing in the UK but, the worst part is that majority of criminals go unpunished. As admitted by the police force themselves, nearly 70,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the UK. However, just 13% of the thieves are caught and sentenced for the crime. As per statistics received from 58% of the police force in the UK, there was a 2% rise in car theft and a 1% drop in the number of convictions in 2015.

Out of all the cases reported for theft of belongings from within the car, there were only 2.7% that faced formal charges in 2015. Also, it was found that 43% of the car thefts were not even investigated by the police authorities and 82% went unnoticed. They don’t even look into the matter as per the report. According to Lancashire Police, there was no line of inquiry and follow up for around 71% of reported car thefts.

The more shocking part is that 32% of the thieves commit the vehicle crime again and that too within a year’s gap. This shows that as far as vehicle crimes are concerned, the re-offending rates are quite high in the UK. In addition, many car thefts were executed with the owner’s key. Studies also established that in 2015, just 18% cases of property stolen from the vehicle were investigated by the police.

Even through it’s difficult to steal modern cars with the latest technology, car thefts are a common crime as thieves are smart enough to crack keyless entry systems. It is important to place the keys at a place that is not easily accessible and if you have a really expensive vehicle then fitting it with a tracker would be a good idea. The chances of recovery of these vehicles are quite low with just 29% of them being traced back in 2015.

UK cities with the most car crimes:

The following table suggests the car crime rates in various cities of the UK. Check it to find other details about car vandalism too. The table displays data from the ONS vehicle licensing register and that from the figures given by the police.

CityCar vandalism cases when parked in the drivers home city (%)No. of car crimes per 10,000 registered cars Residents who think their roads are safety (%)Rank
London33% (1)162 (3)39% (=3)1
Bradford7% (7)176 (2)64% (1)2
Leeds13% (=2)113 (6)39% (=3)3
Manchester8% (6)198 (1)29% (7)4
Birmingham11% (4)89 (7)38%(6)5
Sheffield4% (=9)122 (5)39% (=3)6
Bristol11% (8)76 (9)44% (2)7
Edinburgh9% (5)86 (8)25%(8)8
Glasgow13% (=2)48 (10)18%(=9)9
Liverpool4% (=9)152 (4)18%(=9)10


The issue of accidental vandalism:

Car thefts or vehicle crimes are not the only issues in the UK as there are many cases of unintentional vandalism like vehicles getting damaged in parking lots. Around 35% of drivers admit that they find their vehicles damaged in the parking areas every once in a while and 31% agree that it is a frequent occurrence. Around 9% of the car owners have found a note by the person who damaged the car.

RAC insurance director suggests that in order to reduce such occurrences of vehicle damage, owners need to park their vehicles carefully. It is important to maintain a considerable gap between two vehicles. All this will prevent unintentional damage and save your car from scratches or major damages.

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