Businesses plead to the government to rank broadband investment higher in their autumn statement

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broadband-autumnThere is good news for people facing the internet crisis and disastrous effects of low internet connectivity in the UK. As we all know, the entire country needs powerful internet connectivity and there are various groups which want to make an appeal to the government, for the same. A prominent part of the UK business arena has taken a step forward in this move by requesting and urging the Chancellor of Exchequer Philip Hammond to consider broadband investment as a priority in the government’s autumn statement.

According to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), this measure could be a part of the government’s strategy to improve UK businesses. By reforming internet rates for businesses, the current government can facilitate businesses to perform better. The Director-General of the BCC said that “The Autumn Statement gives the government a great chance to set the tone for its relationship with British business by pulling out all the stops to support investment, infrastructure improvements and business confidence.”

As per the business community, if the government prioritizes broadband investment then it will support business growth. Adam Marshall, Director-General of the BCC added that the Chancellor of Exchequer can use this as a golden opportunity to create the right condition for business investment and encourage commercial growth. BCC’s urge for extra broadband investment came soon after the Prime Minister, Theresa May, admitted that many household and businesses in countryside states of the UK are facing the consequences of bad internet connectivity.

The Prime Minister also insisted that the government will take the required measures and would interfere if the internet and technology market remains in poor condition. The positive response by the government makes UK businesses hopeful about the announcement of high end business broadband connections in the autumn statement. For now, we can just keep our fingers crossed.

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