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Breakdowns can be really distressing! Be it a holiday trip or a routine drive to the office, you can get really upset if your car breaks down. Furthermore, things can be really dangerous if you are on a motorway or carriageway. Find here some of the tried and tested breakdown tips to avoid any kinds of unfortunate incidents or accidents. Apply these solutions to get away safely from the breakdown situation.

Things to do when on carriageways and motorways:

If your car shows breakdown signs on the busy carriageways or motorways then keep calm and park the car as far to the left as possible. Make sure that there is a safe distance between your car and the moving traffic. Keep the wheels towards the grass verge to keep things safe in case there are chances of the car rolling. Switch on the hazard warning lights to indicate the vehicle breakdown.

Get the reflective jacket from your emergency breakdown kit and wear it. This helps you to get noticed by other vehicles and suggests that you are in need of help. Make sure that all passengers get down from the left door to ensure that no one exits into the path of the passing traffic.

Call up your breakdown cover provider and inform them about the location and condition of the car. Wait till the roadside assistance reaches you. No need to hurry! Unless you are a qualified mechanic, there is no need of repairing the car all by yourself. DO NOT get under the car to try any repair tricks. Wait for the professionals to do their job. Once the vehicle is repaired, find a safe gap to get on the road and then start driving.

What if you cannot get on the hard shoulder?

Well, this is an extremely dangerous situation. You need to be very cautious! Take charge and switch on the hazard warning lights. Do not leave the car in the midway. Get down only if you can make a safe exit from the car. Otherwise, sit inside the car and call your breakdown cover provider. Wait till roadside assistance arrives.

Steps to follow when you are on a quiet road:

We cannot deny any danger when the road is quiet. Here also you need to follow the same steps like switching on the hazard warning lights and wearing a reflective jacket. Get all passengers down the car from the left and put up a warning triangle around fifty yards behind your car. This will hint other motorists to keep a safe distance. Call your insurance provider and wait for their technical and roadside assistance.

Steps to follow when you don’t have a breakdown cover:

If you have missed buying a breakdown cover policy for your vehicle, then you can do that when you experience a failure. Yes! You can buy it on the spot. With some additional charges that ranges between £65 and £90, you can easily get the cover and the facilities associated with it. Once the quick formalities are done, you will be attended by a roadside assistance team or personnel and the vehicle would be repaired. In case of any major problem, your vehicle would be towed to a local garage. This is a last resort, but worth an investment as the policy would protect you from roadside failures for the next 12 months.

This is still an affordable alternative than calling help from a local garage. When you call help from a local garage, it costs £40 as a call out fee plus £1.50 for each mile of towing. It would turn out to be an expensive solution and so, a breakdown cover is a must. Buy it as soon as possible, even if you have a new car. To get the details of which breakdown cover to buy, just call us on 02034757476.

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We compare quotes from 10+ suppliers for home, roadside breakdown and also for European Breakdown cover. Buy & save up to £51.05* in few minutes